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Project Description

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Colorado Cleanup Corporation completed the demolition on an existing post tension parking garage, to allow for the construction of a new 23 story hotel casino. Due to the post tension design and lack of mild reinforcing steel the parking garage was prone to progressive collapse during conventional demolition.

CCC subcontracted a structural engineer to design a shoring system to re-shore a small section of the garage that was directly adjacent to the active casino. CCC then separated the post tensioning cables and concrete structure throughout 6 floors once the shoring was installed. After an extensive amount of blast protection was installed by CCC on neighboring casinos and clear creek, 90% of the structure was demolished by explosive demolition.

Following the implosion CCC utilized our high reach excavator to perform the structural demolition of the remaining portion of the garage that butted up to the live casino. 99.9% of concrete and building materials were recycled and utilized to build a road for a future development in Blackhawk.

Due to the extreme complexity of this demolition the project was filmed and will be featured on the History Channel’s show “Project Impossible”.



Monarch Casino


Blackhawk, Colorado


  • Finish and install 600 post shores
  • Install blast protection measures on adjacent structures
  • Protection of Clear Creek
  • Coordination with Stakeholders including City of Blackhawk, CDOT, Xcel Energy, Police & Fire departments and neighboring casinos
  • Implosion preparation
  • Traffic control and security during implosion
  • Implosion cleanup efforts
  • Export of concrete
  • Conventional demolition of remaining structure