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Colorado Cleanup Corporation has been a partner in creating Denver’s ever-changing skyline. We have an extensive line-up of earthworks grading equipment that has enabled us to meet many challenging geotechnical construction projects. Whether the redevelopment engineering is broad in scale or detailed and delicate, we have the earth work excavation experience to handle the job.

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Colorado Cleanup Corporation earthwork crews are highly skilled in the art of commercial earthwork. Our team understands the demands of working downtown with tight site conditions and multiple trades. Every earthwork and excavation project is met with quality earthwork calculation and engineering. We have extensive experience in earthworks land development from mass excavation, overlot Grading to fine Grading. CCC owners, project managers and field personnel work closely to redevelop and site grade to enable building pad construction.


Site Redevelopment

Colorado Cleanup Corporation has a long history of completing established foundations in and around Denver. Working closely with earthworks engineers we consistently meet compaction standards to create a maximum density that any land developer can rely on.

Below Grade Super Structure Excavation

Colorado Cleanup Corporation has extensive experience in performing mass excavation for underground parking garages and basements in challenging urban sites. CCC understands the partnerships with shoring, dewatering and concrete crews to meet the demands of scheduling and optimizing logistics.

“The Colorado Cleanup Corporation staff worked tirelessly, seven days a week, 10 – 12 hours a day during this period to help us meet our commitment to our client. With their help we ultimately turned the site over to our client three days early.”
David Kodanko , Construction Manager Brighton Corporation
“Vision Land Consultants puts a premium on hiring Contractors for our clients who look at the project from all angles to help avoid future surprises and costs…We believe that CCC with their onsite field and project management staff have saved the project both time and money.”