Alameda Square Redevelopment

PROJECT NAME: Alameda Square Redevelopment
OWNER: Brighton Corporation
CONTRACTOR: Brighton Corporation
LOCATION: Alameda Ave. & Zuni, Denver, CO
FACILITY TYPE: Retail Buildings

PROJECT BACKGROUND:  Colorado Cleanup Corporation was retained by Brighton Corporation to perform the demolition and earthwork services for three buildings to make room for a future Lowe's store.  The deconstruction of the structures of the property totaled 200,000 square feet, including a separation to the remaining structure. 15,000 cubic yards of concrete and asphalt were crushed on site for future road base for the project. The bedrock was ripped and 50,000 cubic yards of unsuitable fill and imported 45,000 cubic yards of structural fill.
SCOPE OF WORK: Utility Disconnects, Acquire all demolition permits, Demolished structures totaling 200,000 sf.; including a  separation to the remaining structure.  Crushed 15,000 cubic yards of concrete and asphalt for future road base for the project.  Ripped Bedrock, Exported 50,000 CY of unsuitable fill and imported 45,000 CY of structural fill.  Removed and consolidated asbestos contaminated concrete.  Kept clean recycling piles separate.

Alameda Square

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